Thank you for sharing the stats. Really interesting. For a long time, watching gay male porn was my guilty pleasure, and I even wondered if it meant there was something fundamentally “wrong” with me. Then I joined an online community for bisexual women….and discovered, hey!, a lot of women there said they just loved gay male porn. And often for exactly one of the reasons you mention, how vocal they are. And for me, not just their being so vocal, but also their…well…enthusiasm! A gleeful enthusiasm in engaging in sex. Hetero porn, while including all the terrible faults you list, also often would seem like the guy, as far as facial expression and everything else, might as well be changing a carburetor on an engine, or doing his taxes or something, I mean just a machine pumping his hips, same tempo, boring…..and no passion, no sensuality, no nothing, really. In contrast, gay men could be so intensely passionately into each other. And when a gay man orgasms! Oh my gosh! Sometimes they loudly cry out and shake and shudder and tremble…I’ve sometimes nearly orgasmed just from watching a gay man orgasm. Anyway, for me, these stats really raise a lot more question about psychology I would like to find out more about….in particular, why do so many bisexual women get off on gay men? On the surface, it seems like quite a puzzle, almost not even logical. I don’t have the answer. I am just very curious about the why of this.

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A private person, now living mostly “off the grid.” I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science (and photo is from the 80s, I’m hopelessly nostalgic)

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