Abortion Will Continue, Always and Forever, So Do Not Despair

There are people out there who love you, care about you and are determined to help you access an abortion, and will never stop

Fay Wylde
6 min readJun 25, 2022


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Government be damned.

The Court has ruled, officially, that women are second class citizens and that as far as the Constitution is concerned, rapists and fetuses stand above women. Women occupy the bottom rung of the ladder. It is official because the Supreme Court issued their decree making it so when they overturned Roe v. Wade.

The Court be damned.

The Democrats are saying that you need to go vote. They say this while they — the people we voted for — have been sitting on their collective asses these past 50 years, doing nothing to shore up actual access to healthcare, doing nothing substantial to provide affordable healthcare (that stupidly named give-away-to-insurance-companies law notwithstanding) and doing nothing to shore up access to abortion, access which had been continuously receding for decades. Now, again, the Democrats make speeches to tell us to be sure to vote?

Democrats be damned.

Republicans, of course, were long since damned. They elected a proud-to-be-a-pussy grabber as President, which I think is going to require some explaining at the Pearly Gates. It has been all downhill from there, so the only question is which level of hell exactly are Republicans damned to? They are still working on that, going deeper and deeper.

Republicans, first chance they get, will enact a nationwide complete ban on abortion. Unless the Supreme Court beats them to it. Since the Court has blown up all sense of normal judicial standards, if at some point in some future case the Court decides to rule that a fetus is a “person,” then the Court will thereby ban all abortions all across America. Think they won’t? Guess again. If they can say a corporation is a person, why not take the next step on embryos? Why not declare that when a sperm crashes into an ovum, a collection of cells stuck to the uterine wall is a “person,” and therefore rule that all abortions are murder and therefore de facto illegal? Don’t understimate the ways this Court may in the future terrorize…



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