Systemic racism in blatantly plain sight

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I don’t need to make a speech here. You have heard it all before. You know how some Republicans described the January insurrectionists as “patriots” while they viewed BLM protestors as a threat. You know that white collar criminals — fitting name, isn’t it? — sit in comfort in their mansions awaiting trial. Even modest means white people accused of crimes are often given every benefit of the doubt. …

Maybe he needs a teddy bear, a blankie, and should go sit in the corner for a time out?

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I am sorry. My deepest apologies to readers who maybe expect a bit better from me as I normally don’t write snarky pieces, at least not this extreme anyway. However, I am here straight from reading the headline on “McCarthy pulls his 5 GOP members from 1/6 committee after Pelosi rejects 2 of his picks.”

When I read that, my first reaction was laughter. My second reaction was “Pelosi only rejected two of them?!” since there was very good cause to reject 3 of the 5, since 3 of them were participants in trying to subvert our democracy by…

Is there a cure for stupid? Can we develop a vaccine for idiocy?

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I have to give credit where credit is due. My title here for this opinion piece, that an idea is like a virus, is a quote from the movie Inception (2010). Yes, that was the movie about going into people’s dreams and tinkering around in there, a movie with so many plot twists and assorted rules of how dream navigation works that it was basically a movie that turned your brain into a pretzel watching it. I thought of watching that movie as like yoga for the brain.

That line from the movie, though, that “an idea is like a…

Trump was just a bit player and sideshow and will get off scot-free anyway

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I had a dream, for a while. It was a lovely dream, truly beautiful. In my dream, I saw Donald J. Trump in an orange jumpsuit, which accented his orange hair and orange skin so terribly that it was quite hilarious in a stomach turning sort of way. He was behind bars for the tax fraud he had committed.

Silly me. Dreams are just dreams, and rather than cling to them, it is really best to wake up to reality.

Yes, Donald J. Trump, head of the Trump Organization, had firm control over every little step taken in that organization…

One actually works for a living on a farm, and one works on aiming to be the next El Presidente, you guess which is which

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I want to tell the tale of two Republicans, emblematic of the two Republican parties we now have. We have one Republican party based on what used to be conservative values. That quaint old party is now nearly completely taken over by Crazy Party, which bases itself largely on talking points provided by Chinese and Russian trolls, as well as funded and given its talking points by the American Oligarchy through their “think tanks.” …

I think we’ve all been suckered by the magician’s misdirection

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A magician’s trick is often founded upon misdirection, the art of drawing your attention to watch something going on elsewhere while they do whatever it is they are really intending to do. The art of misdirection, I do believe, has been used by the GOP in a well crafted and orchestrated “trick” on Americans that has lasted for decades, suckering us all. By “us all” I am referring to all who are not in on it, meaning they have suckered and used the Republican voter base as well as suckered liberals and Democrats and the media into preoccupation with all…

In Congress, Democrats just hold votes to play “gotcha,” while Republicans, well, are Republicans. A pox on both of you.

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The quote of course is from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. As Mercutio dies, he cries, “A plague on both your houses!” I prefer the version that has it as a “pox,” better ring to it. Like the Bible over time, editors have also had their effect on Shakespeare, so it is hard to say what the original was anyway.

Irregardless, the sentiment stands. A pox on both the Democrats and the Republicans.

Ever since the election, I have devoted most — actually all, I guess — of my writing to bashing, in one way or another, the Republican Party. Perhaps…

Everything Republicans try to silence ends up, thereby, getting amplified, and I am grateful to finally be learning so very much

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It is not enough to simply not be racist. We have to be anti-racist. There is a difference. One is passive, while the other is active. Thanks to many things, but primarily thanks to Republicans and their nonsense, I have become an active anti-racist. So, thank you, Republicans; it is a beautiful irony that your myriad repressive, oppressive efforts are in effect circling back to bite you in your proverbial derriere, awakening so many people to the fact of systemic racism.

Before I elaborate further, I want to briefly tell a personal, and painful, story.

My dad was a racist.

Mitch may be in charge again, possibly soon, and then the filibuster will be all there is to shield us

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Allow me a small digression before I get to the point of why I very reluctantly and with great sadness must concede that we have to keep the filibuster — and yes, I am once again agreeing with the alleged demonic spawn of the devil, as some seem to characterize him, Senator Joe Manchin.

Manchin’s decision to not support the For the People Act and choosing instead to back the John Lewis Act because it is more precisely focused on blocking Republican State assaults on voting rights and the fact it has bipartisan support— Murkowski is on board with him…

He is playing chess, while other Democrats think it is as simple as checkers.

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Joe and Joe, that is Joe Biden and Joe Manchin, are two of the most astute politicians we have in America. They are Master Class players of the political game of chess.

Many people have played a bit a chess at some point or another in their lives. They understand the rules of the game and the basics of how to play. They understand things like the Bishop moves diagonal and the Rook moves straight up and down and across, and the pawn moves straight except it can capture an opponent’s piece on the next diagonal square, etc.

Serious chess…

Fay Wylde

A private person, now living mostly “off the grid.” I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science (and photo is from the 80s, I’m hopelessly nostalgic)

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